Blue Fox Farm

BF_2007 potato field 2_1.jpgFarm Bio

Blue Fox Farm is located in the heart of the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon just outside the little town of Applegate. The farm is surrounded by forested BLM land and is divided by Thompson Creek, a tributary of the Applegate River.

The farm was originally a dairy farm in the 1940’s and changed hands and faces several times finally to find its niche as home to our gardens, animals, and family in 2003. Blue Fox Farm is a family run partnership owned by two sisters, their husbands, and the girls’ parents. This partnership was created to revitalize the reality of what we are rapidly losing in America– The small family farm. 

The gardens of Blue Fox Farm have grown and changed over the past 5 years. We began farming the 3 acres of gardens at home in 2003. We soon added another 3 acres on leased land. In 2007 we purchased another 15 acre parcel just a few miles from the home farm and are in the process of setting up infrastructure to make that property our main vegetable growing space.

Our top priority as stewards of these properties is to keep the soils alive and the nutrient base at a sustainable level. Having these multiple properties will allow for long sustained rotations involving vegetables, cover crops, grazing pastures for our animals, and fallow.

We currently have 6 acres of vegetables that we market through 2 local area farmer’s markets, CSA membership, and various area restaurants and wholesale accounts.

Blue Fox Farm is committed to using ecologically sustainable agricultural practices free of conventional chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms. All of the vegetables grown at the farm meet this standard. We are Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and Certified Salmon Safe by the Salmon Safe Program.

Our husbandry program involves a small, but growing, flock of Icelandic sheep, a herd of Oberhasli dairy goats, a slew of ducks, and enough cats and dogs to make things interesting.