Spring Hill Farm

SHF_2007_potato_field.jpgFarm Bio

Spring Hill Farm is located in Albany, OR.

Jamie Kitzrow of Spring Hill:

I didn’t set out to be a farmer. No one had been a farmer in my family for generations. But “I was an outdoors kind of guy,”.  I ended up taking forestry studies at Plattsburgh State College in upstate New York on the banks of Lake Champlain, not far from the Quebec border. A year off hitchhiking around the country brought me to Oregon.

I traded upstate New York for Corvallis, Oregon. I would have stayed in forestry had it not been for a school lab requirement that brought him to one of OSU’s experimental plant stations. As soon as I saw vegetables I walked out of the woods forever.

When we began farming in 1990, we sold our produce at farmers’ markets and restaurants, with occasional sales to Organically Grown Cooperative (OGC), the primary organic produce wholesaler in Oregon.

“At first it was sort of hard,” “We soon found that restaurants didn’t work well for us, and the more established growers had OGC pretty well locked up. Then some of the older growers quit or found different markets for their crops, and our business with OGC became steady.” Three years ago I was invited to become a stockholder in OGC.


 Video on marketing to New Season's MarketSHF_mulch_trial_2.jpg